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Colombia, the gateway to South America, is located in the center of the planet, on the equatorial line, to the extreme northwest of the South-American cone.
Colombia's area : 437,735 m² (1,141,748 Km² )

Colombia shares borders with 5 countries: Brazil, Peru, Ecuador Panama and Venezuela.

Longitude: 74°, 04´,51.30" West
Latitude: 4°, 35´,56.57" North

Colombia is made up of five large regions:s:

The Andean Region, where the major cities of Colombia are found: Bogota, Medellin and Cali.

The Atlantic Coastal Region (Caribbean): with the cities of Cartagena, Barranquilla and Santa Marta.

The Pacific Coastal Region: with Buenaventura and other important towns.

The Orinoco Region: with the cities of Villavicencio, Yopal and Arauca.

The Amazon Region: with Leticia and other villages.

70% of the population lives in the Andean Region.

The Andes Cordillera (mountain range) runs in a northerly direction through Colombia and is divided into three almost parallel mountain chains.
These Western, Central and Eastern ranges are separated by the two wide valleys of the Cuaca and Magdalena rivers.

Approximately 50% of the nation's surface area is covered with virgin forest.

The Republic of Colombia is divided into territorial entities called departments and districts, which are subdivided into municipalities and corregimientos.

The 32 Colombian Departments are: Amazonas; Antioquia; Arauca; Atlántico; Bolívar; Boyacá; Caldas; Caquetá; Casanare; Cauca; César; Chocó; Córdoba; Cundinamarca; Guainía; Guaviare; Huila; La Guajira; Magdalena; Meta; Nariño; Norte de Santander; Putumayo; Quindío; Risaralda; San Andrés y Providencia; Santander; Sucre; Tolima; Valle del Cauca; Vaupés; Vichada. In addition to the Capital District of Bogota.

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