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•Coin of $100 pesos: Colombian Coat of Arms.
•Coin of $200 pesos: A quimbaya object that represents  
 the head of four birds displayed in a circular manner
•Coin of $500 pesos: The Guacari tree

Bills - Bank Notes
• Bill of $1,000 pesos: Jorge Eliécer Gaitán. A Leader
• Bill of $2,000 pesos: The General, Francisco De Paula Santander
• Bill of $5,000 pesos: The Poet, José Asunción Silva
• Bill of $10,000 pesos: Policarpa Salavarrieta,
   A  Heroine of the Colombian Independence
• Bill of $20,000 pesos: An Eminent Scientist, Julio Garavito Armero
• Bill of $50,.000 pesos: The writer, Jorge Isaac

Old Bills

$1.00 Peso
Simón Bolívar
$2.00 Pesos
Camilo Torres
$5.00 Pesos
José María Córdoba
$10.00 Pesos
Antonio Nariño
$20.00 Pesos
F. José de Caldas

The official currency of Colombia is the PESO.
1 PESO = 100 cents.
The coins:
$5, $10, $20, $50,  $100 $200, $500 y $1000 pesos.
The bills:
$1.000, $2.000, $5.000, $10.000, 20,000 y 50,000 pesos

The official abbreviation is COP (ISO 4217), and the common one is written COL$.

The colombian peso and the american dollar signs are simillar except that the american dollar is represented with only one line .
and the colombian peso with two .

the Banco de la República de Colombia administrates the legal currency

The purpose of the monetary policy

The primary objective of monetary policy is to reach and maintain a low and stable inflation rate, and to achieve a long-term GDP growth trend.

This is the only way to achieve sustained growth rates that will generate employment and improve the population’s quality of life. Otherwise, if the economy does not grow on a sustained basis, sooner or later a crisis will occur with serious consequences for the economy, leading to worsening social indicators, loss of public confidence, lowered investment and higher unemployment
Source: Banco de la República de Colombia

Colombian pesos:
1 Dolar (TRM):  $2,004.37   -    10/30/09

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Important Notes
It is advisable to do the foreign currency conversion in a legal institution such as Banks, Currency Exchange
(Bureau de Change) outlets and hotels.

Passports will be needed to make bank transactions, if you are not Colombian.

The ATM (Automated Teller Machine) only allows 4 numbers in your PIN

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